An important symposium on the future of permalinks in France will take place on Wednesday 4 March 2020 at La Courneuve, near Paris, organized by the French Federation of Genealogy and the International Academy for Genealogy.

Permalinks are electronic neurons designed to be permanent, that is to say sustainable and immutable, which normally must enable researchers of yesterday, today and tomorrow to communicate with each other, over the decades, the digital documents they used in their research. However, it is clear that in France the sustainability and immutability of permalinks are not yet well established on the websites of public archives repositories. The spelling of permalinks can change overnight, depending on fashions and new logics in the world of computing.

The symposium held on Wednesday 4 March 2020, therefore, aims at encouraging the board of directors of the Archives of France to take all the necessary measures to ensure historians and genealogists in France and around the world that French permalinks giving access to documents posted online on public archives repositories shall be, at last, sustainable and immutable.

Do not hesitate, then, to participate in large numbers in this symposium, in order to emphasize to the board of directors of the Archives of France the importance that permalinks are now taking in both French and international research online.

The program is available by clicking here.

You must register as an auditor in order to participate in this crucial event, by clicking before 26 February 2020 on the following link to access the French registration form.