« Genealogy and the New World »

Paris (France), from 10th to 14th October 2005.

Under the patronage of Mr. Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, French Minister of Culture and Communication.

The discovery of the New World was seen, rightly, as the most significant event in the history of European expansion beyond the seas. From the beginning, the importance of this event, as well as the different stages of the occupation of American soil were collected at fair extent by the actors and the most renowned contemporary witnesses of the conquest and colonization of the New continent.

If Christopher Columbus was the first course in the fifteenth century to report his impressions and experiences, the stories did not fail to describe the tropical nature, the people of America, the names of places and the exploration of natural resources.

Spiritual and military conquest of the New World, following the discovery was first and foremost one is Spanish. In less than fifty years of the most amazing adventure of all time, the conquistadors achevèrent, broadly, to conquer America.

Then came the French explorers from the sixteenth century to visit the Atlantic coast of North America prior to making an attempt to establish in Florida, followed by an attempt at colonization in Brazil became a Portuguese possession, which procured many more interest than the story of Jacques Cartier in Canada. The prospect of this New France attracted the Huguenots, persecuted in France and came for a haven, followed by English and Dutch.

We see, for centuries, Europeans on the Atlantic coast, and the Germans in great numbers, went to populate the New World, in some of the reasons, spiritual or material, driven from their countries, such as Ireland famine in the nineteenth century and also for political reasons in the twentieth century refugees from Europe, Eastern Europe and the Soviet Republic who have fled persecution and racist policies.

And do not forget the tens of thousands of young women who have English and French, followed by love in the United States or Canada, their loved GI ...

But Europe is not the only one interested in these major population movements also relate to the old colonial Africa and the Middle East and Asia with Chinatowns in cities across the Atlantic.

From all this, it follows for many Americans North and South seeking a family linked to the desire to return to the sources of the country of their ancestors, with the help of "File Origin" for France and the emergence of associations founding families of Quebec.

See the report of Pierre Le Clercq.